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Are you missing being pampered at the spa? 

It isn't quite the same but why not try our home spa gift set?

Start by running a hot bath and hop in.

Step 1 - Pop the bottle of hair oil in the bath to warm through (with the lid on of course). After a couple of minutes, apply it to your hair, massaging your scalp and working through to the ends. 

Step 2 - Exfoliate your body with the honey body scrub then lie back and let the essential oils get to work with the hot water to invigorate you.

Step 3 - Use the face brush to gently exfoliate your face.

Lie back and enjoy the hot bath for as long as you like then when you are ready, get out and dry off.

Step 4 - Massage the face oil gently into your face with upward strokes until it is absorbed.

Step 5 - Massage the relaxing bath and body oil into the rest of your body.


Why not light one of our natural aromatherapy candles to add to the experience? Try the energizing candle to match the oils in the body scrub or the relaxing candle to match those in the body oil.



1,220 Grams

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